Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sensational Saturdays

Most of the time I would have to say my Saturday's are SENSATIONAL!!  It's a break from work, spending time with the hubby and the other lil man of the house.  If I were to look back on most Saturdays, I do say that I spend most of the time in the early mornings cleaning and finding something to do with the family the rest of the day.

Well, this Saturday has bypassed exhaustion.  I'll back up to what made this weekend crazy.  On Thursday my husband was laid off of work.  After 6 years there was a business decision to let go quite a few individuals.  The hard part is my husband and I have both been working there.  Now I will be going to work everyday and he has to look for a job.  We have been talking about moving out of AZ for a while.  My hopes is that we have the chance to move to TEXAS.  At this point, we could have a chance of doing so.  About 2 weeks ago we finally got an offer on our house.  Needless to say, as hard as it is to know my husband is out of work, we feel that all of these things are opening another chapter in our lives.

Today we had a garage sell.  My husband loves to go to auctions and therefore we have accumulated so many items.  If by chance he gets a job out of state and our house sells quickly, that leaves me to pack up the house.  I've moved out of apartments several times but the rooms are small so there is not a lot to pack up.  We moved into this house less than 2 months after we got married.  We have 3 1/2 years worth of items that are in our home.  I am not looking forward to packing up the house, but I would much rather start now then wait until the last minute. 

Anyone who has moved out of a house have any suggestions?  I'm huge on being organized but I think I am going to be overwhelemed.

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