Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alphabet Photo Album-First attempt

Since Aiden is starting to talk more and loves looking at books, I have decided to do an Alphabet picture book.  I am going to take pictures of him with items that represent each letter of the alphabet.  This project may take a while since the lil' man is like his father and can't stay still very long.  I've decided as he is playing with certain items I would begin clicking as many pictures as I possibly can.  I mean, there has to be at least one good picture out of everything I can't.  He is a pretty photogenic child.  After I complete this project I am planning on moving towards a family photo album for Aiden as well.  Since we live far from many of our relatives, I want him to know who they are.  More to come on that.

This morning Aiden was eating one of his fave foods right now, mandarine oranges.  I figured, why not work on the letter "O" today.  Here are just a few of the moments I caught.  Now to decide which picture to use...

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